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PoINT Software &  Systems

Solutions for Data Storage Management and Archiving.


PoINT Software and Systems GmbH is a leading developer of software applications for the management of Data. PoINT Storage Manager Software and is designed to allow easy implementation of Tiered Storage and Migration with a multi tier approach which includes a Performance Tier for client access, a Capacity Tier for Migration and replication plus an Archive Tier which provides direct support for all devices and technologies suitable for Archiving, including HD,Tape, Optical and Object Store (Cloud).

PoINT Jukebox Manager 

​The industry standard products for managing Optical Disc Libraries 

Network Attached Data Storage appliances


MDI offers a complete range of ​Storage Manager Appliances. These Storage appliances are specifically designed and configured to provide Automated Tiered Storage and Migration and/or Automated Archiving. All MDI Products are complete, Network Attached Systems with Genuine Microsoft Operating systems and GB ethernet connectivity. 

MDI Archive Products

MDI Archive Appliances with integrated PoINT Software 

​MDI offers a complete range of Network Attached storage systems and Libraries, all featuring software solutions from PoINT

PoINT Storage Manager

Network Wide Storage Management with Advanced features for Archiving

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